Welcome! Lavado in the houuuuse

Hi guys!

 So let me be honest with you. You guys know I used to do lots of online personal training. I stopped for a bit to settle some personal things as well as business things... but now that it's all in the clear I'm ready to start back up. LOTS of you have been asking me 'Chris! You taking any clients?' .... and it was KILLING me to say no because I love helping you guys. I just knew I would never take on clients if I wasn't going to give them 100% attention and care. It's not fair to you guys. I'm finally able to say I can give you guys 100% and I'm ecstatic to get this rolling. Check out my coaching programs to find the best fit for you and let's get some EPIC results. Don't wait too long because I will put programs on hold once I feel I am trying to handle too many clients at once. I will never sacrifice quality of coaching for an additional client. Hope to hear from you soon!