About Chris Lavado (AKA Coach Yuck)

Hey guys! Lavado here...

First off, I want to thank you for checking out my coaching website! I'm beyond excited to provide you with the best coaching experience you've ever had. It's easy to say this, but the reason I'm confident I will achieve this is because I'm not just another social media guy giving advice. I actually have a pretty extensive & successful history as an elite personal trainer. Hear me out.

In the past decade, I've worked as a nationally certified head personal trainer for three different companies. I've coached the top executives of these companies first hand after establishing myself as the most accomplished trainer in over 60 training facilities. I've transformed 'average joes' into professional athletes. I've coached everyone from 11 year olds learning fitness to 89 year old grandparents looking to stay healthy. I've changed the bodies and minds of over 500 individuals, hands on-- in person. This is only the surface.

After my in-person personal training career of 7 years, I moved on to helping people on a larger scale. I became an international online personal trainer to work with people all around the world. I started utilizing social media to motivate and raise awareness for QUALITY methods of health and fitness (I am a pioneering advocate of the flexible dieting/IIFYM movement). In this world of fitness, there are too many avenues-- and unfortunately 99% of them will lead you nowhere. People get involved in guessing games.. and drastic protocols.. only to be let down. I have made it my mission to skip the guessing game, understand the science, and share it with my clients as basic, understandable terms to optimize efficiency and achieve epic results.

You might also consider it a bonus that I practice what I preach. I've worked hard over the past decade to transform my own body from obesity-bound youngster to competitive natural bodybuilder. I am thankful for my own efforts, as it's given me the pleasure of competing in natural bodybuilding against some of the top pros in our current generation.

I took a small break from international online coaching for personal reasons as well as other business demands, but now I'm back. I never wanted to take on clients when I wasn't going to give them my 100%. When I do something, I'm committed 100% or I don't do it. Right now, I'm ready to give you my 100%. Let's do this ;)