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Coach Yuck (AKA Chris Lavado)


My name is Chris Lavado. They call me Coach Yuck.


I have one mission: to absolutely ELEVATE your f*cking life in BODY and MIND. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so by investing in what matters MOST.




- PIONEER Flexible Dieting / IIFYM Master Coach & Trainer


- Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder & Athlete (Drug-Free Advocate for HEALTH & Fitness)


- Nationally Certified Personal Trainer since 2006 (7 years in-person coaching/training followed by 9+ years online/international coaching)


- 1,000+ ACTUAL body & life transformations under my belt. This is 1,000+ 1-on-1 CUSTOMIZED & WEEKLY ADJUSTED JOURNEYS I have taken for MONTHS/YEARS with each individual. Not to be confused with generic online programs.


- Extremely Diverse Client Base (Men, Women, ALL body types, ALL levels of experience, ALL lifestyles, ALL goals)


- Even with my extensive experience, I am CONSTANTLY EVOLVING into a better coach as more research emerges. Having the humility to adapt; and the hunger to improve are KEYS to providing you with the best of the best.


- PASSION and CARE for my people are my never-ending fuel. These two intangible attributes (in combination with my experience) are why I whole-heartedly consider myself the best coach in the fitness industry.

- You CAN and WILL get in the BEST physical and mental shape of your LIFE when working with me. Confidence like this comes from a coach who has ZERO doubts. So please... allow me to unlock YOUR highest potential. I cannot wait to work with you!




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